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Illuminals - Bee - Timed Night Light

Illuminals - Bee - Timed Night Light


  • Make bed time fun and regain control of your children’s night time rituals. (15 min. automatic timer) Each comes with a unique tale for your child telling an origin story for their bedtime buddies. All 5 have individualized stories for each animals.
  • The Illuminals can help your child deal with their fears, illuminate the room for safe trips to the bathroom, and helps provide them a friend to get through hard times. These lights are adorable and functional for your child’s safety and well being.
  • This friendly Illuminal provides a soft glow great for nighttime check-ins, diaper changes, and reassurance following scary dreams. We tried to calibrate the perfect amount of light that would enable a parent's productivity in the dark, and have the correct amount of light to reassure your child.
  • LED technology prevents the Illuminals from getting warm to the touch. It's also is 100% battery-operated, eliminating the worry of cords or charging stations near your little one. This state of the art night light will enable you to rest easy in the knowledge you’re your child is safe. Illuminals are designed with Little Hands in Mind.
  • Perfect size for your little one to bring their new friend with them wherever is needed. Illuminals eliminate the worry of power cords which prevent mobility. You can take your little buddy anywhere.
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